Well, that was quick. Less than six months after releasing the "new iPad," Apple today unveiled the new fourth generation iPad, which it's officially calling "iPad with Retina Display." It looks exactly the same as the previous model, and sports the same dimensions. The big news concerns the tablet's guts.

The new iPad has a new processor: the A6X which apple claims runs twice as fast as the A5X in the previous iPad. It also has a new graphics processing unit that runs twice as fast as the GPU in the previous model. Falling in line with the iPhone 5, the new iPad ditches the 30-pin connector for Apple's new Lightning connector.

The 9.7-inch 264 PPI Retina Display is still there, as is the price. The entry-level iPad with Retina Display will cost $499, while models with LTE connectivity will run $630. Also newsworthy is the fact that customers will finally be able to get an iPad on Sprint. That's at least one bright spot during the carrier's cloudy times.