Original Air Date: 1998
Director: James Yukich
Stars: Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Challen Cates, Max Alexander
Lesson Learned: Your grisly cabbie might just be worth a second look.

Reinforcing the schmaltzy adage that love can be found in the least expected places is 1998's A Fare to Remember. Challen Cates stars as exec Tamara Gault, who, in the wake of learning that all flights have been canceled, is forced to take a cab from Seattle to Los Angeles to make it to her wedding on time. Desperate, she hires a cabbie (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) who, against all expectation, seems to be down to accommodate her road trip. (Dude obviously wasn't from New York.)

From there, romance blooms and she's forced to examine if she still wants the life she's returning home to. Sorry, did that make you dry heave? Yeah, us too.