Maybe it's the fact that Vincent Gallo, on a good day, looks like one of those hairy porn stars you'd find starring in an old '70s porno found in your father's sock drawer. Or perhaps it's Gallo's directorial choice to use extreme close-ups to capture his money-shots, made all the more queasy through the employment of a handheld 16 mm camera. Whatever the case may be, though, his controversial 2003 indie film The Brown Bunny repulses whenever it's trying to be sexy.

At one point in The Brown Bunny, Chloe Sevigny, playing Gallo's "love interest," moves her lips downstairs after the ever-romantic actor/director/writer unzips his pants; as the legend goes, the fellatio performed is all the way real. Thus, seeing Sevigny, um, swallow is that much more revolting, because, you know, it's "real."

A piece of advice: Don't ever show your girl—or any female, for that matter—The Brown Bunny. Doing so would leave your little friend without any companionship for years after.