In the pantheon of silly spoof comedies, Not Another Teen Movie is the subgenre's Casablanca when compared to dreck like Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, so let's cut the film some slack here. When the movie premiered back in 2001, jokes about the Sarah Michelle Gellar/Ryan Phillippe horny teen drama Cruel Intentions were in vogue, meaning that Not Another Teen Movie's producers would've been slacking off had they not included a gag inspired by Gellar's sloppy smooch with Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair.

Rather than give viewers another hot girl-on-girl saliva session, though, Not Another Teen Movie mines humor by pairing sexy Mia Kirshner with the much older Beverly Polcyn. An over-exaggerated amount of stringy spit connects their lips, forever ruining any potential fantasies featuring Mia Kirshner and Sarah Michelle Gellar teaching each other how to properly French kiss.