Leave it to producer Roger Corman to turn a sequence where a buxom blonde beauty gets physically seduced, and subsequently killed by an oversized maggot, into something that's actually kind of sexy.

In the cheesy but memorable 1981 sci-fi flick Galaxy of Terror, a crew of space explorers die one by one at the hands of a monster force that uses the human travelers' worst fears against them. One of the characters, hot technical officer Dameia (Taaffe O'Connell) is petrified of slimy little insects, so, naturally, she meets her maker while being attacked by the aforementioned maggot.

Only, what starts off seeming like a rape shifts tonal gears as Dameia appears to get turned on by the huge bug's humping, slobbering, and ultimately fatal foreplay. As she dies, you'd think she's reaching climax. There are certainly worse ways to go out, that's for damn sure.