There's nothing understated about 2001 Maniacs, the over-the-top remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' already ridiculous 1964 splatter flick Two Thousand Maniacs! In the 2005 film, a bunch of college students tragically happen across a Georgia town filled with psychotic Civil War re-enacters and other oddly dressed killers.

One of the murderers is known simply as the Milk Maiden; played by softcore porn star Christa Campbell, she's best remembered for tricking the film's resident nerd, Nelsan (Dylan Edrington), into thinking she actually wants to have sex with him. Naked and rubbed up against him, she suddenly pushes a hose into his mouth and pours what appears to be moonshine into it and forcibly down his throat. As it turns out, it's actually acid. And you thought gonorrhea burned.