Sweet Tooth is a dark fairy tale that sprouted from the mind of one of the industry’s most honest and naturalistic writers: Jeff LemireSet in a post-apocalyptic world where people are being born as human/animal hybrids, the title focuses on a young boy named Gus, who was born with a pair of antlers on his head. Upon leaving his home after the death of his father, he meets a cavalcade of supporting characters, most notably Jepperd, a grizzled, jaded human who looks after the boy.

Like The Walking Dead, this would be a story of people coming to grips with a world that has lost its humanity, but instead of zombie horror, the main characters would have crazed geneticists, scientists, and anti-hybrid groups to contend with. Unlike post-apocalyptic shows like Revolution, Sweet Tooth would be a true character tale without the complicated conspiracy plots and twists of a J.J. Abrams show.