Accessory makers aren't the only ones that have to change their products to work with the iPhone 5. App developers also find themselves scrambling to update their apps so they take advantage of the device's new four-inch display. Instagram is the latest major app to receive an iPhone 5 update. 

Flipping through images with the new app is great thanks to the bigger screen. However, SlashGear noticed some odd missteps with capture mode: 

"Capture mode looks to be a little weird on this version, since their square capture window doesn’t take advantage of the larger display and instead leaves a lot of blank space." 

And live filters: 

"Live filter options also look to be missing from the updated version for the iPhone 5. Live filters allow you to test out different filters before you take a photo, which can come in handy a lot. This updated version seems to be missing them." 

We've yet to use the new app on the iPhone 5, but let us know if you've experienced any of those same issues. 

If you don't yet have instagram on your iPhone 5, you can download it now from the Apple App Store

[via SlashGear]