First appearance: Avengers #9 (1964)

Decked out in one of the worst costumes ever conceived, complete with a personality that makes cardboard seem festive, Wonder Man is one of those Marvel characters that always seems to be involved in big story-lines but is usually just tucked away in the background. He started off his career as a villain to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but over time Wonder Man redeemed himself and became a official member of the team. Yet, he has never made an impact.

Wonder Man can be counted as one of the only creations during Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s early tenure on Avengers to not catch on with the public. If Marvel wants to use him as a villain for a future Avengers movie, we would be disappointed, but not devastated; however, if he ever lights up his own marquee, it'll be time to wonder if the House of Ideas has officially run dry.