First appearance: Captain America #217 (1978)

There's a small contingent of comic book fans who absolutely love the Marvel Universe's cosmic characters. These heroes ride through the galaxy with alien comrades and battle against intergalactic enemies that don’t just threaten the galaxy as a whole, not just Earth. The only problem is that the stories tend to get bogged down in lifeless alien races and futuristic bureaucracy; often times, the end result is confusion. One of the prime examples is Quasar.

It’s not that Quasar has been involved in bad stories—it’s just that his tales often hinge on the audience’s knowledge of Marvel’s expansive cosmic universe. When put on film, all of these sci-fi heavy plot points might be a bit much for anyone to take in at one time. There are much better, and more relatable, cosmic characters out there, like Nova and the Silver Surfer. Any one of them would be great in movie form.