Clearly, Australian businessman and billionaire Clive Palmer has not actually ever seen any of the Jurassic Park movies, because according to Gawker, he wants to pour his wealth into building a real-life version of the theme park of the films - complete with a real dinosaur.

Palmer is reportedly in "deep discussion" with the scientists that cloned Dolly the sheep, who was, if you can recall, the first mammal ever successfully cloned from an adult cell. If he gets his way, he wants to house his T-Rex or whatever inside his "redeveloped resort" in Coolum, Australia, next to a casino and a ferris wheel.

Come on, seriously, did you even see the movies, dude? Having dinosaurs within the vicinity of humans did not end well for the characters! You should probably watch them at some point! Except not the third one, don't watch that one. But the other ones! Netflix that shit!

Anyway, an official press conference for elaboration on this awful, awful, will-certainly-end-badly-oh-god-why-is-he-doing-this-we're-all-going-to-die idea is scheduled for Friday.

[via Gawker]