Mobile phone photographers, it looks as if there is now a new medium to show off your work: your living room! A recent Kickstarter project called Instacube revamps the digital photo frame by displaying your Instagram feed in real time. 

With just a wireless connection and a hashtag you can connect your Instagram feed to Instacube. Instacube, which runs on Android OS, displays your photos at a 600 x 600 resolution on the 6.5" Square LCD screen. The project has just 30 days left to reach its $250,000 funding goal and with 1,109 backers donating $123,906 dollars already, Instacube will soon be in a living room or office near you. If you're interested you can pre-order your own Instacube here, there are only 49 units left going for $99 each. 

[via Slash Gear]