Movie: The Number 23 (2007)
Writer: Fernley Phillips

There's nothing one can do but loathe a film that aggressively goes out of it way to explain a totally idiotic plot twist. For an example, get a little masochistic and rent Joel Schumacher's The Number 23, a woefully amateurish thriller made by people who clearly thought they were smarter than they actually were, and also killed any chance of us ever seeing another movie in which Jim Carrey tries to go all dark.

The better-off-comedic actor plays Walter Sparrow, a blue-collar guy whose wife gives him a book called The Number 23 as a birthday present, which causes him to obsess over said number in every facet of his life. The book's author's name is Topsy Kretts, a pseudonym if there ever was one. And, mysteriously, there seems to be a chapter missing after it ends with Chapter 22.

So take a wild guess who Topsy Kretts really is? That's right, it's Walter, and the missing chapter, which Walter finds written all over the wall of a hotel room, is a confession to himself about why he killed a girl back in college and then tried to off himself by jumping off a balcony, much like how the book's main character, Fingerling, stands at a balcony's edge as Chapter 22 concludes.

It's actually even more convoluted than that, and Fernley Phillips' highly illogical script spends at least 30 minutes trying to iron out of the details for audience members. On second thought, don't rent The Number 23. There's probably not enough aspirin in your medicine cabinet to relieve the pounding headache it'll cause.