Yesterday, Apple announced Q3 financial results, and despite bringing in $35 billion in revenue and a net quarterly profit of $8.8 billion, analysts viewed the results as a big disappointment. However, what wasn't disappointing was the amount of hardware Apple managed to move. 

During the last quarter, iPhone sales were up 28% from a year ago, reaching 26 million. The bigger success was the iPad, which managed to jump 84% from last year to a record 17 million sold. But the surprise of the report was that Apple managed to sell 1.3 million Apple TVs. That's a staggering number—up 170% over last year—for a device once regarded as merely a "hobby" for the company. 

During the Q3 conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, reiterated that even though it sold more Apple TVs than expected, the media device is still considered a hobby, but that the company will not give up on it. "We do it because we think it'll lead us somewhere," said Oppenheimer. "We'll see. 4 million isn't a small number and there are a lot of believers in it." 

[via MacRumors]