50 Books To Read Before You Die

A Wild Sheep Chase

Author: Haruki Murakami
Released: 1982
Genre: Mystery/fantasy

How's this for a crazy plot: A young, hotshot advertising executive innocently uses a postcard, sent by a friend, for one of his ad campaigns, not realizing that the image also includes a malformed sheep, one that a mysterious man commands the ad exec to either locate or die trying.

If that doesn't sell you on why Japanese author Haruki Murakami's dazzling A Wild Sheep Chase is a must-read, then you're better off reading sub-par crap like Fifty Shades of Grey. Those wise enough to join Murakami's unnamed narrator on his bizarre, dreamlike journey will no doubt get enraptured by a detective novel unlike any other.

Fun Fact: A Wild Sheep Chase is actually a sequel to Murakami's 1980 novel Pinball, 1973, and the third in his "Trilogy of the Rat" series, which follows the same unnamed narrator and his pal, "the rat."

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