Last year, Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive turned out to be the surprise movie of the year. The story, the acting, the directing, and even the soundtrack were all just superb, and it helped the film attain a cult following after just a few months of being released. Plus, it made a good amount of coin for such a small, indie movie. And whenever that happens, Hollywood always comes begging for a sequel.

Thankfully, the author of the original Drive novel, James Sallis, just put out a sequel novel to the story, titled Driven. In an interview with The Independent, Sallis told the site that studio executives read the sequel and that  "...they love the book." The site is reporting that a sequel movie is now in the pipeline, but it doesn't say whether or not Ryan Gosling or Refn will be back. The duo is currently collaborating again on Only God Forgives, which should be in theaters later this year.

[via The Independent