We'll be honest. We had serious reservations about whether or not Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill would be able to fill Johnny Depp's game-changing role as an undercover in 21 Jump Street. I mean, we even made a list of the least believable undercover cops in movies, in anticipation of the duo dropping the ball.

Now that the redband trailer has debuted, we're not any less apprehensive about the ordeal, but we are comforted by one thing—the trailer looks funny. Like, really funny. Rather than taking the youth detective bit down the super-serious road Depp once did (the show covered a bevy of controversial topics in its day), Tatum and Hill decide to use the name and the concept to entirely different means. Think idiot cops actually acting like adolescents, rather than being legitimately trying to pass as one.

Well, that's a relief. Watch the duo doing the slapstick-action-comedy thing in theaters this Friday, March 16, but let us know your predictions now: Do Tatum and Hill (and the awesomely inappropriate Dave Franco) have a shot at overshadowing the original, or will they do Depp's original dirty?

[via Screen Rant]