Skyrim's 1.5 Update has arrived, and with it come a few cosmetic features and a slew of bug fixes. Right away you'll notice new melee kill animations (straight out of professional wrestling) and kill cams, which were originally show off as part of Bethesda's most recent internal holiday game jam.

There are a few other aesthetic additions, like shadows on grass on PC and an improved transition when you go underwater, as well as a tweak that causes your smithing skill to affect the quality of items you produce. As for the bug fixes, head to to read about them.

Steam users can get the beta version of the patch now by changing their "beta participation" status on the account tab of the settings menu in Steam. Console players will get access soon.

What else would you like Bethesda to add to the game? There were plenty of amazing examples in the game jam video, like rideable dragons and water arrows, to only name a couple. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.