It's always a problem when a coveted Jordan release arrives right before Christmas, but the Air Jordan XI Concord is bringing the ugliness out of people across the country. It's an epic understatement to just call the Concords "hot," but the thirst for them has gotten completely out of hand. Whether you're still marvelling at the pair you managed to grab or wallowing in despair because you missed out, look at this lowlight reel of bad behavior across the nation.

Washington: Seattle police pepper sprayedabout 20 people to break up fights outside of the Westfield Southcenter mall, and one dude got a nice assault charge for Christmas after pushing an officer.

Indiana: Police were summoned to three different malls to do crowd control, and one extra-thirsty crew of shoppers reportedly tore the door of a Lafayette mall off its hinges (see photos of the madness above).

Georgia: It was worse near ATL, as four people were arrested during a Lithonia riot scene that needed 20 police cars to subdue a crowd that broke down the door of a mall before it opened. Police were also forced to break the windows of a car to rescue two babies, whose mother abandoned them to cop the Concords. She was promptly arrested when she returned (see above).

Louisiana: The crowd pushed on the glass of an Alexandria mall's entrance, forcing it to cave in and leaving folks with injuries from random shards flying from all directions. Among those injured: two kids.

California: Shots were fired in the midst of a congregation of three thousand people waiting impatiently for the Concords at the Hilltop Mall in Richmond. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the police have the suspect in custody.

There's been so much insanity over the Concords, surprising even the most jaded of sneakerheads. We'd advise people to just get their J's online, which is a risk in it's own right, but still safer than stepping onto the battlefield. Meanwhile, MJ is somewhere doing the Birdman hand rub while laughing at everyone who didn't cop.

[via ABC News and SFist]

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