Whether you hail from the right-wing or the left-wing, support Occupy Wall Street or slam it, I think we can agree on one thing: Stephen Colbert is funny. Like, really funny.

On last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Colbert aired footage of his recent attempt to go undercover as a "real protestor" dressed as Che Guevara in Zuccotti Park, where he managed to scoop up two naiive protestors to serve as his comedic fodder. Colbert then takes the duo to his penthouse, which conveniently overlooks the protest, where he launches a serious hilarious interrogation.

The activists, without prompting or commentary, make the ideal target for Colbert's sniper-sharp wit. In particular Ketchup (whose last name is not Hitler, apparently), a self-described "female-bodied person" (who couldn't be more hipster if she tried) sets up many a punchline with her demonstration of the movement's many hand-signals (all of which look suspiciously like spirit fingers).

But seriously, props to Ketchup and sidekick Justin for keeping a straight face as Colbert interrogates them about their private parts, drowns his sausage in champagne (um, really), and attempts to communicate with some of finger magic of his own.

[via EW]