Somehow, the CGI artists at Rhythm and Hues Studios brought a talking lion that is actually an allegory for Christ to life without journeying into the absurd. Virtually indistinguishable from a real lion, the only way to differentiate Aslan from a flesh-and-blood feline is the fact that most of them don’t sound like Liam Neeson.

What is really impressive about Aslan is that he’s based firmly on an animal that we can see at any time in nature. Any imperfection would be easily noticeable because we have a distinct frame of reference for the animal they are trying to create. When a movie presents a CGI alien or monster, liberties can be taken and audiences aren’t as critical about the accuracy of the CGI model.

But when it comes to real life animals, these characters need to be flawless in order for an audience to truly buy in to what is happening on screen, and Aslan is a perfect example of that.