It’s like we’re the only two people around this neck of the woods. I run into Greeika again, but this time we’re not grouped, and this time I say nothing to her. She interacts solely with a quest-giver as her pet wanders nearby. While standing next to her I see a message in the chat box; a recruiter advertises a friendly guild looking for new players. I send a message directly to the recruiter: “I’m a low-level warrior looking to get into guild life. Can you help a dude out?” “Of course,” comes the quick reply. And with one more click of the button I accept an invitation into a guild. The chat box reconfigures itself a little, and a dozen people say, “Hello,” and “Welcome aboard,” in guild chat. I say, “Thanks. Glad to be here,” before they resume high-end conversations about rare loot and epic quests.