The next day it happens again. I don’t recall sending or receiving an invite, but I’m grouped with Greeika, just me and her. It’s possible we both joined a public quest together, but I look at the map and see that she’s already leagues away in a part of Silverwood that I haven’t visited. So I take off in a sprint, heading towards Greeika. “Hey!” I type into chat. “Don’t go anywhere. I’m on my way.” I don’t know why. Perhaps I just think having a partner will liven things up. I hack and slash through a  couple hundred yards of swampland, chopping up bog monsters with lizard faces, reducing the population of this civilized but territorial species. I peer through the fog for my absentee partner in crime fighting. “Funny that we’re grouped together again, right? I mean, you know, crazy stuff,” I say. Greeika doesn’t reply.