You Got Served can be pinned as the culprit behind the whole street dance movie craze. You would think that a movie responsible for creating both a sub-genre and a quote would be top-notch, but the reality is that You Got Served is a crime against both cinema and dance.

Even though the entire movie is pretty laughable, it’s the final dance battle that's the best example of the whole obnoxious concept. Incredibly melodramatic, this final dance fight is nothing more than an overly-choreographed spectacle that provides no more entertainment than the foul-smelling street dancers you find in any NYC subway station.

We're glad that You Got Served is one of the only movies misguided enough to have the main characters solve their feuds by dancing. Imagine if Clint Eastwood decided to drop his guns and simply do the charlseton every time he had beef with someone? We shudder at the thought.