Jamie Waylett, infamous for his role as Hogwarts villain Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter films, was arrested in London for attempting to detonate a homemade bomb.

According to reports from London, Waylett was packing-up a potent Molotov cocktail during the London riots, and was caught trying to use said bomb while stealing a bottle of champagne from a local drugstore.

Apparently Waylett had plenty of experience packing other things as well. While investigating the 22-year-old actor, the police also found that Waylett was growing over a dozen marijuana plants in his home, an offense that could land him in jail for up to 14 years if convicted.

Waylett, who hasn't done any acting since his Potter days, seems to be a part of an epidemic of actors who play evil characters, and then turn out to actually be evil, like that Austin Powers actor, turned rapist, turned murderer.

We guess the old saying still rings true: hide ya wife, hide ya kids, because they bombing everyone out here.

[Via AV Club]