Other non-Apple manufacturers have had a pretty sad go of it as far as tablets are concerned, but with its venerable smartphone line, HTC has proved that it knows how to make attractive and functional gadgets that users love. The Taiwanese company got its feet wet in the category with the 7-inch, stylus-ready Flyer Tab earlier this year, but it will soon release its first full-sized iPad competitor via AT&T. The upcoming tablet will be called the Jetstream, and you're looking at the first leaked images of the device above.

Perhaps the most exciting features of the device are 4G LTE connectivity and an 8-megapixel camera, both of which are things any iPad owner would be jealous of. The Android Honeycomb-based Jetstream will also sport a 1.5 ghz dual core processor and 16 GB of storage. No word yet on an official release date, but here's hoping for a competitive price tag. It's for their own good.