Earlier this week we brought you the 10 best in-ear headphones under $100, and in that group were a couple of models that would work well during your workout. We've yet to use it, but we think the new Sony NWZ-W260 Sports Walkman may work just as well. Essentially a pair of in-ear headphones with a built-in MP3 player, the new Sports Walkman cuts down your workout bulk—no more needing to strap your iPod to your arm. 

To upload songs to the water and sweatproof player, you simply drag and drop songs onto it, or use iTunes or your Sony PlayStation 3. Sony says the battery will last eight hours on a full charge. The NWZ-W260 will be available in two configurations when it launches next month: 2GB for $60 and 4GB for $80. 

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[via Uber Gizmo]