Question: If we snatch up multiple pieces of street art by an acclaimed artist, does it mean we’re rich? How To Sell A Banksy attempts to answer this query by going after pieces done by the acclaimed—yet still shrouded—British artist, Banksy. Although, his work (most recently examined in the Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop) is now considered to be worth millions, since they’re displayed in public properties, more often than not the fates of these works are one of the following: painted over, destroyed, or stolen. Plus, given that Banksy’s identity is still a mystery, none of his work can be authenticated to receive proper pricing. The film brings up several issues, like, “Is it okay to resell the work of something you haven’t done without actual permission from the artist?” And, “Is a work ‘properly’ set by a curator has more value than something ‘illegally’ displayed by an unidentified personal?” And, “If so, how can we define true art?” And most importantly, "Do they really worth millions?” Although the film doesn’t boast direct involvement from Banksy (unlike Exit Through The Gift Shop), we’re hoping those questions are all answered. Screening dates haven’t been set up yet, but check the film’s homepage for updates.