In Limitless, director Neil Burger's new thriller based on Alan Glynn's 2001 novel The Dark Fields, your "brain on drugs" is not necessarily a bad thing. Unemployed and recently dumped writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is going nowhere until he takes NZT, an experimental drug that opens up his mind, making him focused and confident. With his new drive and elephant memory, he's able to get ahead in the financial world and live the good life. Pretty awesome, right?

OK, he does eventually have to deal with side effects and assassins who want his stash, but overall his brain on drugs is still pretty positive!

In honor of Limitless' release this weekend, BoConcept, the Danish urban design firm and partner on the film, teamed up with Complex to give away an awesome three-piece furniture set (see below) that will help you avoid the cliche furniture choices for your cool guy pad. Seriously, the Imola Chair alone is a banger, easily a candidate for Complex's Chair of the Week. To win this prize valued at $4,439, simply tweet at Complex using the hashtag #limitlessbo and tell us what ability you want a pill to give you and why. The most interesting, creative, and funny tweet (using your relatively unimpressive brainpower) wins! 

Imola Chair, $1,995

Yellow ochre felt fabric and brushed steel, H43½ x W37½ x D39"


Functional coffee table with storage, $1,195

Black-stained oak veneer and brushed steel, H13½ x W47½ x D28"

Tulip pendant, $1,249

Matte white glass, 19½"