You get a pass if you weren’t up on Alyson Michalka last year. We get it. Maybe Hellcats isn’t your top priority on Wednesday nights (maybe it should be). But now you’ve got no more excuses. The 21-year-old California girl stars in this month’s go-to horror flick, The Roommate, and it’s time to pay attention. We recently went behind the pom-poms with Aly on the set of Hellcats to talk guns, guy friends, guns, and guns again (naturally).

Complex: You look like such a sweet girl on Hellcats. Tell me something surprising.

Alyson Michalka: I’m a huge book fanatic, and I shoot. I’m very comfortable around guns. I’ve been shooting since I was 9. I usually shoot a .22 Magnum, but I prefer a shotgun because the feeling is incredible.

Complex: Books, shmooks—but a cheerleader who prefers a shotgun? Guys must love that.

Alyson Michalka: [Laughs.] Yeah. It’s fun to work with so many girls on a movie like The Roommate, because I actually have more guy friends.

Complex: I’m going to go out on a limb and say a few of them want to be more than just friends.

Alyson Michalka: I have platonic relationships with my guy friends. There’s some friends that I’ve kissed or whatever, but it was always just once. There’s no awkwardness. One of my best friends is an ex, and we talk all the time.

Complex: How does one become an ex?

Alyson Michalka: Before I came to Vancouver to shoot Hellcats, I was seeing somebody for a couple of months. He was used to getting anybody he wanted. I’m not like any other girl, and I think he was intimidated.

Complex: Maybe it was the shotguns? Back to those—a lot of people say firing guns is a good stress reliever. Is that the case with you?

Alyson Michalka: It’s purely a hobby. If I was pissed I would never say, “I wanna go shoot a gun!” It’s more of a recreational thing; something I’m able to bond with my dad over.

Complex: The family that bangs together hangs together!

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