MTV_VMAAnother MTV Video Music Awards has come and gone, but there's one important prize that still needs to be doled out: The award for the show's greatest moment of fuckery. Suspect host Chelsea Handler was involved in a bunch, from opening with a Lady Gaga-inspired house hat and calling Gaga and Beyoncé "leotarded" for not wearing pants to straddling Rick Ross on an old person's scooter and getting pregnant from a dip in a hot tub with the Jersey Shore cast. Oh, but there were plenty more! Lindsay Lohan parodying her addictive self in a sketch where she confronted Handler about her drinking problem anyone? How about when MTV cut to Rihanna immediately after Drake's performance looking for a beef-starting stink face? When Katy Perry gave Nicki Minaj absent Eminem's statuette and called it another stiff man for her night, leaving the Young Money seductress speechless? When Justin Bieber got lost on his way to the stage? When MTV cut to commercial in the middle of Travie McCoy and Robyn performances? Or when angelic condescending Taylor Swift forgave Kanye for his Hennessy-fueled 2009 rant with a barefoot performance of "Innocent"? Which do you think was the greatest moment of fuckery? If you have others, hit the comments to let us know. And the loser is...

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