Producer: Lil Jon
Album: Confessions

Yeah: "Yeah" might be one of the most ubiquitous songs ever. It was played by nightclubs and middle school dance parties alike for years, and can still elicit a response in 2013. The song was the number one song on the charts for twelve weeks in a row, staying on Billboard's Hot 100 for forty-five weeks. Yes, this song is more about the infectious beat from Lil Jon (and his trademark ad-libs) and Usher's vocals. But the moment Luda drops in at the end of the song—"Watch out, my outfit's ridiculous, in the club looking so conspicuous?"—everything changes in it, including the song's legacy, which is as much about those other elements as it is his closing bar: "I want a lady in the streets/but a freak in the bed." Sometimes, we just don't know exactly what we want and how to put it until someone phrases it for us. For a large segment of the universe, this was that moment. Dharmic X