Producer: Timbaland
Album: Miss E...So Addictive

While Missy spends her time on "One Minute Man" yearning for a dude who can stretch the minutes in the bedroom, Luda jumps in to prove he's just that guy. Productions by Timbaland that recall an exotic oriental sound helped push the somewhat lyrically controversial track to its peak on the Billboard charts in the 15 slot. Luda uses a flurry of car metaphors ("Just 'cause I'm an all-nighter, shoot all fire/Ludacris, balance and rotate all tires") to let it be known that he's here to please, and can outlast the bedroom styles of just about any man. Granted, he might've been shown up by Jay-Z's infamous Beyonce-side-eyeing "Fifty grand I get this on one take!" verse on the remix, but still, when all was said and done: We're convinced. Alysa Lechner