Album: Curb Servin'
Label: PayDay/FFRR/PolyGram Records
Producer: Crazy Toones

“And all the time I'm bumpin WC/Cause it seem like he the only nigga making sense to me.” Such were the words of the great Pimp C in 1994. WC displayed the kind of hard-won wisdom that a Texan could appreciate. Dub-C could have become the West Coast equivalent to Scarface, but where Face turned inward to brooding contemplations of mortality, Dub Crip-walked into a successful career as the third banana in Westside Connection. “West Up” catches him just before then, at the apex of his solo career.

No rapper has ever been more deserving of George Duke's chunky “Reach For It.” The high-cholesterol bass is just right for WC, who quite obviously came from a place where “even the strongest niggas is drug through the mud.” This anthem came with a great video, in which the crew turns a gridlock headache into a full-scale BBQ party in the middle of the freeway. It's the L.A. antidote to that preposterous REM clip for “Everybody Hurts,” only instead of Michael Stipe's Christ pose you get extra servings of ribs, spokes, hoochies, etc.