Album: No One Can Do it Better
Label: Ruthless Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation
Producer: Dr. Dre, DJ Yella

“The Grand Finale” is the best N.W.A song ever made that isn't an N.W.A song. With a lineup that runs from Cube to Ren to Eazy to The D.O.C.—with hypeman interjections from Dre—"The Grand Finale" offers an alternate picture of the Compton super group. Can you imagine an entire album that had Ren and Cube and D.O.C. sharing equal space on the mic?

And yet it's the soon-to-be ostracized Eazy who steals the show, with a completely preposterous and childlike reference to his dick: “The pleasure and pain my wing-ding inflicted.” If only this lineup had lived into the Death Row era. Instead, we get the best posse cut in the history of South Central rap music. “I got raw when I came to Cali,” the Texas-born D.O.C. admits at the end of the song.