Album: Brown & Proud
Label: Pump Records
Producer: Jammin' James Carter, O.J. Romeo, Tony G., Fase Love

House finches have a pretty song and they appear freely in the parks of L.A. If you don't have access to a park in L.A. you can hear them sing backing vocals in “On A Sunday Afternoon.” Like most rappers, the house finch sings to attract a mate or to establish territory. Hence, the incorporation of a birdsong in this track makes sense.

In fact, it might be the prettiest, most haunting touch of production in all of L.A. rap. Generally speaking, the song is part of a tradition of smooth Sunday BBQ jams that also includes Dove Shack's “Summertime in the LBC.”

The way the song weaves together strands of several oldies is given credence by a cameo from Dick Hugg, a/k/a Huggy Boy, the white DJ who became a hero to L.A. Chicanos by broadcasting dedication songs on KRLA. “Hi, this is Huggy Boy, and this is going out to all the homies on a Sunday Afternoon…” It's a melody equal only to the mating call of the house finch.