Album: "Bow Wow Wow" - Single
Label: Immortal Records
Producer: DJ Muggs

Forget that “Bow Wow Wow” is an unabashed hybrid of two of rap's most beloved anthems: Snoop's “What's My Name” and House of Pain's “Jump Around.” Forget that Funkdoobiest had a lineup that sounded like a bad joke (“A Puerto Rican, a Mexican and an Indian walk into a bar…”)

Let's focus instead on lead rapper Son Doobie a/k/a The Porno King. On “Bow Wow Wow” he compares himself to Tina Turner, Barney Rubble, Sigourney Weaver, Colt Seavers, Fire Marshall Bill, Harry Houdini and Tonto. He's a good speller and he gets retarded like Helen Keller.

If that doesn't sell you then leave it to the production-by DJs Muggs and Lethal. This the type of flow to make you start upending parking meters at the Grove. (By the way, “Bow Wow Wow” came out six months before “What's My Name”-yipee-yo- yippee-ay, Calvin Broadus owes Son Doobie some royal-tay!) So what if Funkdoobiest is the Yum Yum to Cypress Hill's Winchell's? In a town where the donuts are that good, there's room for two.