Producer: James Brown
Album: Pass The Peas
Label: Mojo

Amir: "It's big in the b-boy world. A lot of groups that used that sample would be considered what we call 'random rap.' In the late 80s, hip hop records that were on indie labels or were recorded out of a house, selling at Beat Street or Downtown Records that didn't make a lot of impact, but were played on Mr. Magic or Marley or something. They go for a lot of money, now. A lot of cats were on the late 80s stuff. This record personifies that era."

Kon: "Another record of perfection. Can't go wrong anything James Brown related, except his biggest hit was 'Living in America,' and that is probably my least favorite James Brown record. [Laughs.]"

Sampled On: De La Soul "Pass the Plugs" (1991)