Producer: Steve Alaimo
Album: Gwen McCrae
Label: Cat

Amir: "Gwen McCrae had some disco hits in the late '70s, early '80s, but unless you were a hardcore soul collector, you wouldn't know who she was. A lot of hip hop producers didn't know her until Large Professor put them onto her."

Kon: "Classic, crazy record, Miami soul. Haunting. From the wah-wah guitar to the string, which was used for Main Source 'Just Hangin' Out.' Then also there is another version by Vanessa Kendricks that had completely different arrangements. You can kind of grab things in a different way if you were to sample it, and that's the rarer of the two. Same label same guy, Henry Stone owns all of it. But anyone who knows anything about hip-hop would know that record if you drop it."

Sampled On: Main Source "Just Hangin' Out" (1990)