Target: Stan Spit
Producer: DJ Mark the 45 King
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Best Line: "Hung out with you on Mother's Day because your mother's dead"

Probably best known for his appearance in the movie Belly, and his guest verse on Big L's posthumous single, "Puttin' It Down," Harlemite Stan Spit became embattled with his one-time mentor, Cam'ron, after dissing him on an obscure freestyle. In response, Cam recreated Eminem's smash "Stan" and flipped it into a cleverly crafted diss track poking fun at the opponent's actual government name. The lopsided battle found Killa taking shots at "Stan'Ron" for being unable to score a deal in an era when all you needed was a pulse to get signed, and even brought up Stan's dead mother. In the aftermath, Stan's career went the way of his character in Belly and was subsequently never heard from again.