Verse: 4
Best line: "Your hate palpable, your jaw full of dust/You gon' keep talkin' or are we lockin' it up?"

Earl Sweatshirt had a quiet 2016, scattering loosies across the calendar like a sloppy bodega transaction. (Of those songs, “Balance” is a personal favorite.) There’s no sleeping on his verse from Danny Brown’s “Really Doe,” though. His flow is difficult to pin down and his lines are on point: “I was a liar as a kid so now I'm honest as fuck.” He alludes to his 2015 project I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, flipping the reference to make it sound like his 2017 will be nothing if not in your face: “I wake up early on 'em, gettin' out the house is a must.” —Ross Scarano