The last time we caught up with David Heartbreak, he was bridging the gap between hip-hop and electronic music, both sonically and visually. Today? He's going a bit left, taking his forward-thinking creativity and pairing it up with smooth R&B flavors for "Silhouettes," the latest production of his, for the HBX.

On "Silhouettes," this isn't just adding vocals to a festival banger; Heartbreak's taken things straight to the bedroom, giving you sultry synths and moody bass to underscore the on-point vox, with all of those metaphors that you expect from songs that are basically like, "I'm trying to hit." It's important for artists to expand, as these feels should make fans open up even further to future flavors. Or, on the flipside, this is the kind of track that could bring heads who are into R&B and want something a bit different for the "Seduction" playlist.

In a world where Justin Bieber's return was soundtracked by Skrillex and Diplo, it's not hard to fathom that even more producers will dive into the R&B pool for some cool, refreshing vibes. Or maybe David Heartbreak will move like he always has: five steps ahead, down a path that has no footprints. It suits him, and will suit you, if you're ready.