Update 3/9/15: According to a tweet from Kendrick Lamar, CD and vinyl copies of untitled unmastered. are now available. You can purchase them through his web store here.

See below for original story.

Kanye West might be giving up on the traditional CD format, but that doesn't mean everyone else is too. Case and point: after surprise-releasing his new project untitled unmastered. last Friday via digital retailers and streaming services, Kendrick Lamar will be pushing physical CDs into stores sometime this upcoming week. TDE's CEO Top Dawg originally promised to look into distributing CDs, tweeting "yep... working on that" in response to a fan's inquiry on Saturday.

Now, it looks like we have confirmation that they're coming, and sooner rather than later. Tonight, in response to another fan asking whether physical copies would be available this week, Top Dawg replied with a simple "yep."

With albums traditionally releasing on Fridays, it's likely that the CDs will find their way into stores around then, just in time to count for next week's sales figures. However, this is not confirmed, and "this week" could be loosely defined. Regardless, it's great to see that they'll be available at all. In more positive news, he also confirmed that a vinyl release would be forthcoming as well, although he didn't give a specific timeframe for that.

In the meantime, untitled unmastered. is available for purchase on iTunes, and is also streaming on Spotify