Hudson Mohawke has never been one to hold back his thoughts, and he kept up that reputation last night in a lengthy rant on Twitter about the music industry. In particular, HudMo implied that he's done work for Kanye West and Drake, but as he said, has received "0" for. It's unclear if he meant that he didn't receive payment for his work or if it was actually credit that he didn't get for songs he worked on. It's worth noting that HudMo was credited on four songs from Kanye's most recent album, The Life of Pablo. In one tweet, which has since been deleted, HudMo even threatened to leak music from Drake and Kanye, but later said that his family and friends talked him out of it.

Even though he backed off leaking any records, HudMo still shared some very blunt thoughts on the industry. "Mainstream rappers have less business sense than ur mom," he wrote. Based on his previous tweets, it sounds like he was talking about Drake and Kanye, but it's unknown if he was also talking about any other rappers. While it's doubtful that either Kanye or Drake will respond, Mike Dean sent out a tweet about whining on Twitter shortly after HudMo went on his rant, which was almost too timely to be just a coincidence. If you remember, HudMo shared his in-depth thoughts on the rap game and his issues with it all in an interview with Complex last June, which you can read in full here. HudMo later tweeted that he doesn't have any issues with Kanye, but rather lawyers that were involved. You can check out his tweets below. 

Following his initial words on the subject, HudMo tweeted that he was not "threatening" to leak anything and reiterated that he just wanted to get paid for his work.