T-Pain arrives today with his latest single, "Officially Yours." You might remember this song from when T-Pain debuted it at his now infamous NPR Front Row Concert. The Tallahassee singer first sets the tone with the single artwork featuring a wedding photo of him and his wife Amber. The Internz-produced track then delves into the meaning of love and commitment as T-Pain powerfully croons out the soulful, doo-wop-inspired rendition with his staggering vocal range on full display. 

"I don't think people knew," T-Pain told Esquire about the surprise at his vocals on the track. "People had already counted me out as a singer. I was like, what? Why didn't people suspect that I had a wonderful voice? They thought it was all technology. I wish we did have a machine that made songs like I could do, where you just hit a button and have songs get made. But that's not what's happening."

T-Pain also complied wedding footage submitted by fans to create the ultimate visual love story. This is about to be the song that everybody plays at their wedding. Or at least this Valentine's Day. Of course, the video is also spliced with cuts of T-Pain singing the song back from that first NPR session. Watch the video above and look for the single on T-Pain’s highly anticipated, Stoicville: The Phoenix, due out later this year.