While many people praised Lady Gaga for her colorful tribute to David Bowie at last night's Grammys, Bowie's son Duncan Jones apparently wasn't among the pop star's admirers. After her performance, Jones tweeted out the dictionary definition of the word "gaga," what some have seen as a diss towards the Artpop singer. "Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused." Damn it! What IS that word!?" he wrote.

As Bowie's son, he is of course well within his rights to feel however he wants about a performance meant to honor the legacy of his father, a giant in the music industry. However, despite Gaga's usual sense of overeagerness, many critics actually gave the performance high marks, praising her vocal performance, multiple costume changes, and general tribute to Bowie's musical genius.

So far there's been no response from Lady Gaga's camp, so this feud isn't likely to flare up anytime soon. Still, it's sad to see that Jones evidently wasn't pleased with the way the Grammys handled its salute to his father. You can watch her whole performance below and decide whether or not it was a fitting way to honor Bowie's legacy for yourself.