Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Get It How U Live
Label: Cash Money

The Hot Boys were like the Marx Brothers of the New Orleans projects and "We On Fire" is their Duck Soup, even though the routine more closely resembles Abbott and Costello. Like a surreal edition of inner-city "Jeopardy," the rhetorical questions go round and round but regardless of the inquiry the answer remains ever the same: The Hot Boys, Hot Boys, that's who! I'm sorry, but we'll need that answer in the form of a question. "What kind of nigga freak shop like an eskimo?" That's correct. "What kind of nigga wears Reebok shoes and takes off his shirt just to show his tattoos?" Right you are. "What kind of nigga will make his third string hoe suck his dick." And that, folks, is our daily double. "We On Fire" is some ancient business, a pop song caught between a playground game and the pure pop delight of "Hey Hey We're the Monkees," but enforced by a fearsome Mannie Fresh beat that refuses to sit down. Sam Sweet