Producer: Eightball, MJG, Smoke O
Album: On Top Of The World
Label: Suave House Records/Relativity Records

"Pimp in My Own Rhyme" is the gateway not only to Eightball & MJG's classic 1995 album On Top of the World, but to the entire Suave House sound, a highly overlooked but nonetheless crucial competitor to No Limit and Death Row in the middle 1990s. Premro and Marlon possessed perfectly honed rap styles that could only grow out of the years they spent studying rapping at a time when the Tennessee hip-hop was barely in existence. "Pimp In My Own Rhyme" is a foundational forerunner to the Dirty South triumphs of the post-2000 years but it is also the culmination of an ancient old school ritual. While Eightball opens the track and MJG closes it, the entire midsection finds them engaged in an interlocking rhyme routine worthy of Run-DMC, had Run-DMC grown up in the weeds of Orange Mound instead of the brick row houses of Hollis. —Sam Sweet