Producer: Grand Puba, Brand Nubian
Album: All for One
Label: Elektra

"All For One" makes egregious use of the fleetingly permissible term "tenderoni" but besides that it remains symbolic of Brand Nubian's creative synergy, even if the original lineup was only "all for one" for about a year. Puba was the funniest by far ("I think with the brain and I whip behind the zipper / I'm living kinda good similar to Jack Tripper") while Sadat and Jamar always sounded grumpy, like they were one step away from telling the listener off the lawn. It was no surprise when they split away to carry the Nubian name while Grand Puba left for a solo career full of more songs about tenderonis. One For All is usually remembered as one of the great '90s rap LPs, which is not untrue, but this song is better defined by the pure effervescence of its delivery. Even when it was obvious they weren't getting along, the Nubians performed like guys who preferred rapping to talking. Sam Sweet