Favorite Song: "L$D"

Rocky tripped balls and got weird on us. There are no obvious radio records nor chart toppers here, and I have no fuckin problems about it. Like many of his contemporaries, Flacko zigzagged around the sophomore (major label) slump, instead producing a project largely devoid of debut compromises. Though 10 or so minutes too long, the hazy, drug-addled atmosphere in which A.L.L.A. was made ultimately doesn't result in a slog of a sober listen. I wish there were one or two more turn-up moments like "LPFJ2," but I'll happily accept experiments like "L$D" or the inexplicably successful risky gamble of the Mark Ronson-Miguel-Rod fucking Stewart collab "Everyday." London-ready rock rap, rowdy turn-up jams, and a true-blue UGK song? Rocky went from missing in action over bitches and fashion to returning at long last with one of the game's most audacious genre-bending, refreshingly different listens in a while. Psychedelic trap, anyone? (Five guest features later, I'm still not sure what the hell a Joe Fox is, but that's besides the point.)